My biggest challenge…….Behaviour Management

As I anticipated one of my biggest challenges on my professional experience is my behaviour management strategies. The school has excellent behaviour management policies in place and my mentor teacher is excellent at helping me develop my own strategies. She has also been a great role model for me where I have been able to take on some of her behaviour management tips. Do the students challenge the new teacher on the block? Definitely! Is my behaviour management something I need to work on? Absolutely! I have been doing some researching and reading to learn some more ideas that I could implement. Here is a website that offers their top 10 tips:


Thank Goodness for Scootle

Part of our expectations for our ICT prac is to incorporate ICT experiences into our lessons. A great resource for teachers is Scootle. Scootle offers many web based experiences with direct links to the curriculum requirements. On my prac I used several Scootle resources. A great activity to perform with Prep aged students was Counting Beetles. This game can be found at
I used this to reinforce student’s counting ability of 1-20. The students enjoyed participating in this interactive game while I was achieving the learning objectives that I set out in my lesson plan.

Lesson Planning

As I am about to head out on my Prep professional experience I need to start to think about lesson planning. There was a question on our learning journey asking us what we already know about lesson planning. A lesson plan is a teacher’s plan of what students need to learn and how well it will be performed. Teachers need to identify the learning objectives and then design appropriate learning activities. Teachers also need to develop strategies to gain feedback on student learning. Some good questions to ask as suggested on this website:

* What do I want students to learn?
* What learning and teaching activities will I use?
* How will I check for understanding?

Establishing good classroom behaviour management skills

One of my concerns when going on professional experience was my bank of classroom behaviour management skills. I have worked previously in a prep classroom and have learnt some great ideas from the teachers. I know that prep students don’t have the longest attention span and that they like movement time between activities. So how do I incorporate this into my teaching. Singing action songs as a transition activity often works well as singing is enjoyed by most children and the actions allows the children some movement helping them to refocus and prepare for learning. Using simple action direction like hands on heads when completed the activity is another good strategy as it allows the teacher to easily see who is finished and it gives the students an opportunity for movement and keeps their hands occupied. This is a great article that also offers other practical ideas for classroom behaviour management which I can also implement into my teaching

Professional Experience Reflection……

This week I have started my professional experience for my ICT subject. I am completing my prac in a Prep classroom. Prior to starting, I met with my mentor teacher and students. The students enjoyed asking me many questions, more of an interrogation really, with comments even being made of the clothing I was wearing. Lucky they said I looked pretty cool. You have to love the honesty and openness of Prep students. I have had a smooth transition and have been very welcomed into the Prep classroom. For the first day I taught for a small amount of time, but as my time has continued I have been doing more teaching. I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to put all our learning into practice in a classroom environment.

Improve technology skills…….not so sure

As I complete my second assignment for my technology course I was reflecting on whether my own technology skills were improving. I must admit I am much more adventurous and enjoy researching for digital ideas that could be implemented into classrooms. I feel my basic skills are improving and am more confident to give things ago. I still feel quite nervous that my skills aren’t quite up to scratch and need to improve to be confident in the classroom at planning and implementing technology activities. I have decided that my technology learning will be a long journey and something that I will always have to be working on. But hey, that is technology always changing and something new to be learning.

Our classrooms are adopting Interactive Whiteboards!

Long gone are the days of blackboards and chalk. Due to the increase of digital presence, many classrooms are now adopting Interactive Whiteboards (IWB). The IWB is an instructional tool that allows computer images to be displayed on the board using a digital projector. The teacher and students can then manipulate elements on the board by using their finger/pen as a mouse, directly onto the screen.Items can be clicked, dragged and copied on the board. The large screen and digital elements of the board can be used to engage the whole class. IWB’s can turn learning into interactive and collaborative work resulting in greater student engagement and motivation. Read more about the features of the IWB at