End of Blogging……..YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!!

As a requirement of our ICT and Pedagogy course we where required to blog. I had never blogged before and was unsure how I felt about this. I don’t engage in a lot of social media and am always cautious of what I publish on these. Now I had to blog for the whole world to read. I have kind of enjoyed the process of blogging though I do find it very time consuming. I would love to read more blogs but just don’t have the extra time. I must admit the blogs from fellow class members I have enjoyed reading and hearing about their experiences especially relating to our professional experience. It was nice to know that we were all experiencing similar things. So here’s to signing off to blogging….YEAH!


Hooray for end of semester!

After reading Amanda’s blog post https://amandaeconway.wordpress.com/2015/06/08/two-down-two-to-go-one-of-which-is-edc3100/ I thought I have also made it to the end of the semester. When I first enrolled in the ICT subject I instantly felt DREAD. Is ICT my strong point? Absolutely not! I am the type of ICT operator that does what I need to just to get by. I thank the EDC3100 ICT and Pedagogy course for challenging me to try new things and develop new skills. One thing that I will certainly take away from this course is that ICT does motivate and engage students and that the right planning of ICT integration can transform student’s learning. As I move forward in my learning of ICT, I realise it is important and that it will be something that I am constantly developing. The child in this clip dances the way I will be at the end of semester. Happy watching, put a little smile on my face!

Reading Eggs…

A very popular app that is used to support student’s English development and reading skills is Reading Eggs. Reading eggs was created as an online world where students could learn to read. It supports student’s learning by offering an individual learning journey that allows students to progress at their own pace. Reading eggs understands how important it is for students to read and they wanted to make it as enjoyable as they could. It has been developed by a team of very educated teachers and supports the reading curriculum of phonics and sight words. It has been designed to support what students learn at school and what’s better it can also be accessed at home by students. Read and learn more about Reading Eggs at http://readingeggs.com.au/

Always need to be prepared!!!

When planning my lessons and with the inclusion of ICT is was extremely important to be prepared. As part of my lesson planning requirements I had to follow the C2C expectations. The C2C guide did include some great ICT links that could be included into the lessons. For me, due to my lack of confidence of ICT and my need to be prepared and for everything to run smoothly I found preparing a word document at night that contained all the links that I wanted to use the next day was the easiest way. I would then save the document to my USB and then I could just plug my USB into the computer in the classroom and easily follow what I needed to do. By doing this I felt prepared and not so stressed about implementing ICT into my lessons. This is an article on teachers being prepared, interesting reading: http://www.ncate.org/Public/ResearchReports/TeacherPreparationResearch/WhatMakesaTeacherEffective/tabid/361/Default.aspx

A Fantastic App for Subitising

Whilst on prac, a Mathematic focus was for the students to develop their ability to subitise. Subitising is when the student automatically recognise a number. The most common representation of subitised numbers is probably the domino form. As a requirement was to include ICT into our lessons, after talking with other prep teachers at a moderation meeting there was a suggestion of the Subitising Tree app. I downloaded the app at home before allowing the students to play it just to make sure it covered the learning objectives I wanted to achieve. It was a fantastic app. It started out at a simple level for instant success by students and then moved into more challenging levels. It also include many different representations for the students to subitise. Here is a link to read about the Subitising Tree App https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/subitize-tree-hd/id634880139?mt=8

Reflection on my Prac

After reading Beata’s blog post https://sadebeata.wordpress.com/2015/06/13/professional-experience-4/ about her reflection on her prac I decided to share mine. I was very nervous going out on prac but after my first meeting with my mentor teacher she made me feel much more relaxed. A great support on my prac was both my mentor teacher and the teacher aid that also worked along side me. They were both really supportive and helped my gain lots of valuable knowledge while on prac. The well established routine and good behaviour management strategies in place in the classroom also helped my transition into the room run a lot smoother. The students and families were also very welcoming and supported me through my learning journey. I had a great time on prac, learning lots of valuable knowledge to take with me as I continue to learn and grow into the teacher that I want to be.

ICT Experience on Prac

After reading Tess’s blog post which can be found at https://wisetess.wordpress.com/2015/06/07/ict-experiences-on-prac/ I decided to reflect on the ICT experiences that I used on prac.
Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)- This is something that I used quite a lot. Sometimes as just a projector to screen YouTube clips but other times as an interactive board where the students could manipulate things around on the board or write on it as required.
IPads- The Ipads had a great range of educational apps to supports student learning especially in Mathematics and English. These were mainly used at rotation activity time. The students were really motivated and engaged when operating the IPads.