Hooray for end of semester!

After reading Amanda’s blog post https://amandaeconway.wordpress.com/2015/06/08/two-down-two-to-go-one-of-which-is-edc3100/ I thought I have also made it to the end of the semester. When I first enrolled in the ICT subject I instantly felt DREAD. Is ICT my strong point? Absolutely not! I am the type of ICT operator that does what I need to just to get by. I thank the EDC3100 ICT and Pedagogy course for challenging me to try new things and develop new skills. One thing that I will certainly take away from this course is that ICT does motivate and engage students and that the right planning of ICT integration can transform student’s learning. As I move forward in my learning of ICT, I realise it is important and that it will be something that I am constantly developing. The child in this clip dances the way I will be at the end of semester. Happy watching, put a little smile on my face!


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