Thank goodness for Scootle!!!

As part of our ICT subject, assignment 2 we are required to use ICT to transform children’s learning through the use of technology based experiences. So where do we starting looking to gain ideas to implement technology activities into our lessons to achieve this. The answer is SCOOTLE!!! Scootle provides teachers with over 20000 quality assured digital learning resources. What’s better than that? It’s aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Teachers can filter their search by selecting their year level and content descriptions, and then they will be provided with the Scootle resources that support this. This is an amazing resource so check it out at


Are Apps really educational or just for fun?

When exploring the world of apps it is just so overwhelming. When you type in a search idea you are then presented with so many options but how do you know if the apps are educational for your children. For me as a parent I tend to allow my children to use the Ipad as a down time activity though still wanting it to have some educational value. My children tend to guide me in the decision in what apps we download and these suggestions mainly come from what their peers are playing or something they have done at school. So to guide myself I decided to google and search for articles relating to the educational value of apps. I found that research says that there has been few studies but the short answer is that interactive screen time has potential for teaching children. I enjoyed reading this article relating to the educational value of apps:

Digging into Assignment 2…..

After reading Kay’s blog post it got me exploring some websites to help gain some ideas for my assignment. I am working on Year 1 English, focusing on the text form of recount with the unit plan being designed to teach students how to construct a recount. I have started to complete the first stage of the lesson plan and feel that I am making some progress. I am very conscious in using ICT in my lessons to not just be a time filler or just a different method of delivery and actually use it to encourage children to develop creative, high quality work. In my searching I did discover a great website used by teachers for English lesson plan ideas which can be found at › English Lesson Plans