Texting….. our new type of talking!

Emma Clifford wrote a blog post https://emmajclifford.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/is-technology-making-us-anti-social/ relating to a question on whether technology is making us anti social. I also answered yes to this question but as I delve deeper into the technology world I am starting to see a different view point. When you enter a local newsagent shop in my area you see a sign on the counter that says ‘Will not be served while you are talking on your mobile phone.’ Even as you people watch in your local shopping area you see a majority of people totally engrossed with mobile devices. Are these people still being social but just through social networking and messaging rather than face to face conversations. Our style of conversations are changing and rather than talking we are now messaging, texting, and social networking. It has been said that texting is a new spoken language that is getting more richer and more complex every year. Here is an article that explains more about texting being a spoken language rather that written. LOL


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