Technology and Children…How much time is enough?

The biggest debate in our house sometimes is limiting the use of technology with our children. We have introduced technology free Sundays just to encourage our children to explore their world without being reliant on technology, and honestly to just get them outside playing. As a parent I worry about the time that they spend on technology and if this is affecting their development and if it is healthy. I read an informative article by Dr Larry Rosen titled ‘How Much Technology Should You Let Your Child Use?’ He said that the 3 main issues that can arise from allowing your children to overuse technology are:
1. Lack of time for personal interactions in the real world
2. Lack of time for creative thought and mind wandering
3. Lack of time for calming overactive brains
Dr Larry Rosen suggested that children should use technology on a 1:5 ratio meaning that for every minute that they spend using technology that there should be 5 minutes of time doing something else. So if your child uses an Ipad for 30 minutes that they should do other activities for 150 minutes. As your child approaches Preteen then the ratio changes to 1/2 to 1/2. I found this article to be a great guide in allocating our children their technology time, however it hasn’t stopped the arguing!
Here is the article


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