Am I a Digital Immigrant?

When I first read about the Digital Immigrant and Digital Native terms written by Marc Prensky (2001), I thought how true is that. Even though I was born slightly out of the designated birth year for a Digital Immigrant I really felt that the term summed up my technology ability. I wasn’t born and raised in an era where I was surrounded by technology. Our greatest technology device was a Nintendo Donkey Kong game which at the time we thought was pretty cool. Today we are all surrounded by so many technology devices that it is sometimes hard to keep up. When I thought more about the terms used by Prensky, I did however realise that not everyone will fit into their designated area. Our technology guru at work is a man in his early sixties, that once starts talking about technology is totally passionate and very well educated. I suppose there is exceptions to everything, however I will share the article from Prensky with you as I did find for me it shared some light.,%20Digital%20Immigrants%20-%20Part1.pdf


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