Technology is a little bit scary…..

Everyday we have become to rely on modern technology whether it be as simple as using our cell phones or browsing the internet. When these technology services don’t work we tend to become frustrated and question how we can survive without them as they have become such a major part of our daily existence. In saying that many of us still have a real fear of operating technology. When getting a new device it can be quite overwhelming trying to work out how to operate it with all the fantastic features that it offers. Once we have mastered the initial operating of the device we try and challenge ourselves to learn more things that it can do.

Terry Brock (2005), offers some great steps on his blog ‘Achieve Your Success: Overcome Your Fear of Technology on how to break down your learning of new technology. He refers to it as the same as learning a new language. You don’t learn every word all at once, you have to break it down and take it word by word. Once you have mastered some new skills, challenge yourself to learn some more. These small victories help builds your confidence with technology.

To read Terry Brock’s blog follow the link:


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