Teachers confidence in teaching with ICT

After reading Jessica Weiss’ blog post https://ictblogjess.wordpress.com/2015/03/27/22/ regarding teacher confidence in using ICTs, it sparked my thinking into my own abilities in using technology in the classroom. I must admit as my Professional Experience looms closer I still feel quite nervous about implementing ICT into student’s learning. I found an interesting blog post written by Mark Anderson which can be found at http://ictevangelist.com/teacher-confidence-using-technology/ Mark has included a flow chart that categorises teachers confidence into four groups of Survival, Mastery, Impact, and Innovation. The survival level describes teachers that are afraid of breaking the technology or should use it in their lessons but not quite sure how to. On the other end of the spectrum is the Innovative teacher who uses technology to innovate and share. Hoping that by the end of my Professional Experience I will be moving out of the Survival group and heading towards the Innovative group. Here’s hoping!


Web- based Artefact

Here is the link to my web-based artefact http://ictsinyear3.weebly.com I have created a website using Weebly. I based my artefact on incorporating technology into Year 3 English. I included written text to inform parents of the positive benefits to students’ learning by using ICTs and have added elements using Powtoon, Youtube and Images used by Creative Commons.

New ICTS Skills……..very helpful

As I enrolled in my ICT subject I instantly felt nervous and tried to remain positive, silently chanting ‘I can do this!’ The first week’s learning journey with the implementation of all the new technology programs that we would be using was totally daunting but I installed them as instructed. When I went back to look and learn more about them I really started to enjoy and see the benefits that would assist me in completing this subject. This week, Feedly has been of great assistance and has made linking to other people’s blog post especially easy. My next challenge is to complete assignment 1 and to make sure I use the correct copyright expectations. This week I was introduced to ImageCodr and hopefully have successfully used it below to support my post with an appropriate image.

Texting….. our new type of talking!

Emma Clifford wrote a blog post https://emmajclifford.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/is-technology-making-us-anti-social/ relating to a question on whether technology is making us anti social. I also answered yes to this question but as I delve deeper into the technology world I am starting to see a different view point. When you enter a local newsagent shop in my area you see a sign on the counter that says ‘Will not be served while you are talking on your mobile phone.’ Even as you people watch in your local shopping area you see a majority of people totally engrossed with mobile devices. Are these people still being social but just through social networking and messaging rather than face to face conversations. Our style of conversations are changing and rather than talking we are now messaging, texting, and social networking. It has been said that texting is a new spoken language that is getting more richer and more complex every year. Here is an article that explains more about texting being a spoken language rather that written. LOL

Should Teachers have a Facebook Page?

I enjoyed reading Charlotte McNeill’s blog post about the benefits of social networking for teachers to gain resources which can be accessed at https://lottiesmumbojumbo.wordpress.com/2015/03/11/social-networking/
This post got me thinking about teacher’s privacy and whether or not teachers should use social networking with their students and should they friend their students. It has been said that Facebook can allow teachers a real insight into their students which can assist them understanding them more. It allows them greater access to their students as a majority of students are using social networking. If we are to ban students from using Facebook are we limiting them from learning the skills that they will need in the future? It has been suggested for teacher’s privacy to maybe set up two accounts- one professional and one private. Teachers must use the privacy settings to protect themselves. I read a great article relating to this issue which I hope you find just as interesting.

Technology and Children…How much time is enough?

The biggest debate in our house sometimes is limiting the use of technology with our children. We have introduced technology free Sundays just to encourage our children to explore their world without being reliant on technology, and honestly to just get them outside playing. As a parent I worry about the time that they spend on technology and if this is affecting their development and if it is healthy. I read an informative article by Dr Larry Rosen titled ‘How Much Technology Should You Let Your Child Use?’ He said that the 3 main issues that can arise from allowing your children to overuse technology are:
1. Lack of time for personal interactions in the real world
2. Lack of time for creative thought and mind wandering
3. Lack of time for calming overactive brains
Dr Larry Rosen suggested that children should use technology on a 1:5 ratio meaning that for every minute that they spend using technology that there should be 5 minutes of time doing something else. So if your child uses an Ipad for 30 minutes that they should do other activities for 150 minutes. As your child approaches Preteen then the ratio changes to 1/2 to 1/2. I found this article to be a great guide in allocating our children their technology time, however it hasn’t stopped the arguing!
Here is the article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-larry-rosen/how-much-technology-shoul_b_3142227.html

Am I a Digital Immigrant?

When I first read about the Digital Immigrant and Digital Native terms written by Marc Prensky (2001), I thought how true is that. Even though I was born slightly out of the designated birth year for a Digital Immigrant I really felt that the term summed up my technology ability. I wasn’t born and raised in an era where I was surrounded by technology. Our greatest technology device was a Nintendo Donkey Kong game which at the time we thought was pretty cool. Today we are all surrounded by so many technology devices that it is sometimes hard to keep up. When I thought more about the terms used by Prensky, I did however realise that not everyone will fit into their designated area. Our technology guru at work is a man in his early sixties, that once starts talking about technology is totally passionate and very well educated. I suppose there is exceptions to everything, however I will share the article from Prensky with you as I did find for me it shared some light. http://www.marcprensky.com/writing/Prensky%20-%20Digital%20Natives,%20Digital%20Immigrants%20-%20Part1.pdf